Letter to the Editor: Need New Hiring Model

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Dear Editor:
I have lived in Livingston for over 45 years. This is the second time in all these years that the headline in the West Essex Tribune has been about the school superintendent being separated from the district. As in the previous case, we the taxpayers are on the hook for the balance of the salary with no real explanation for the split. (I do understand that this is a personnel matter and, therefore, can't be disclosed.) I know that things, events and circumstances are such that an employee does not always meet the needs of the district. What really irks me is that in addition to the separation money we will owe, the Board of Education will once again engage an outside consultant to gather the resumes, review them and submit the top five or 10 candidates to the Board for consideration. Clearly, either the outside firm or the Board is not doing a good job of vetting the candidates.
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