Livingston Philanthropies to Honor Trish Duffy

Livingston Philanthropies Inc. (LPI) founder and director Jeff Friedman has announced he will name the organization’s collection of toiletries in honor of the late Patricia “Trish” Duffy. It was Duffy who, several years ago, inspired the year-round collection, Friedman said.
“Some years ago, Trish called to ask if we could use hotel toiletries collected during her treasured travels,” Friedman recounted. “Livingston Philanthropies, Inc. (LPI), then known as the Livingston Coat Drive, had not yet dabbled in other items. Still being somewhat of an advocacy neophyte at that point, I surmised that sure, ‘I imagine the homeless can use these items.’ Who knew of the major need back in those days?”
He continued, “Trish came right over with a shopping bag full of goodies. LPI donated them, and the rest is history. We began requesting toiletries and cosmetics, with my wife and LPI board member, Karen Friedman, creating gift bags for the ‘poor, homeless and disenfranchised.’ Now, in 2019, because of Livingston’s copious donations volume, LPI has distributed thousands of toiletries and cosmetics gift bags to those who find such items out of economic reach. Many thousands have benefited from the effort and considerable thought of our beloved Trish Duffy.”
Trish Duffy died on Monday, December 3, 2018, Friedman added. “Born in Newark, Trish was a life-long resident of Livingston and a member of St. Philomena Parish. She attended St. Philomena’s grammar school (now Aquinas Academy), and later graduated from East Orange Catholic. She then attended Mt. Ida College, and Montclair State University. Trish worked as a realtor for 29 years.
“She was a very active member in the Livingston community, volunteering for the Junior Lancers Football Organization, Livingston Little League, the Big L Club, the Livingston Bicentennial Picnic Committee, and the Project Graduation booth wrap committee, and served as president of the Chamber of Commerce, to name a few.
“Therefore, Livingston Philanthropies is beyond honored to announce the naming of our collection effort, ‘The Trish Duffy Toiletries and Cosmetics Challenge,’ to recognize Trish’s thought, foresight, creativity and years of service to our community,” Friedman said. “Her husband, Mike, who survives Trish, along with her loving family, told me, ‘She would be honored, and our family would be as well.’ ”
For those considering donations to LPI, Friedman concluded, “please remember that homeless folks can’t practice good personal hygiene without personal hygiene products. Drop them at Livingston’s West Essex Tribune with other generous donations like coats, furs, men’s dress attire, diapers and more. Or, please email me at to arrange for private pick-up.”

Photo: Trish Duffy is shown here with her shopping bag of toiletries at the Friedmans’ kitchen table. Her donation of toiletries from her travels started LPI’s ongoing collection for the homeless.

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