The Texts Can Wait

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We’ve all done it. We’re in the middle of a long drive and our phone won’t stop buzzing. Or we’re waiting for an important call and it comes as soon as we get on the highway. Or perhaps we just need to select that one perfect driving song and we didn’t want to wait for the next red light. So, for a brief moment, we focus on our phones instead of focusing on driving our cars.

With technology as advanced as it is, our vehicles are full of distractions, pulling our eyes from the road while we steer several tons of metal down streets at high rates of speed. In a vacuum, it sounds insane to ever devote anything less than 100 percent of our focus on that task. In the moment though, it is all too easy to become distracted. Most of us can count ourselves fortunate that we haven’t paid a terrible price for these momentary slip ups, that all we have to show for them is a ticket, if even that. Many, however, are not so lucky.



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