Planning Board Approves Child Care Center; Prepares Denial for Starbucks Drive-Through

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The Planning Board split approval on an application for minor subdivision and preliminary and final site plan with variances for CP Management Group II LLC. The property in question, located at 92 South Livingston Avenue, was previously home to Bank ofAmerica. The applicant proposes to subdivide existing Lot 3 to create two new lots. The existing, now-vacant building would be expanded on one of the new lots to house a child care center, Lightbridge Academy. A Starbucks with a drive-through is proposed to be constructed on the second lot.

The Board closed its evidential hearing on April 11, including public comment, but decided to meet on the application one last time for deliberations among the members before voting on the matter.

Peter Klein, Board chairman, explained that there were three specific matters to vote upon in this application, including the subdivision to divide the lots, and the site plan approval for the two different uses. The applicant had asked that the three matters be considered separately.



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