Circle Cleanup

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Driving past the Livingston Circle in recent years, it’s easy to not give it much of a thought. It’s a necessary thoroughfare in and out of town, nothing more. The center of the circle was always full of overgrown trees and brush. It wasn’t much to look at, and so most people didn’t. It’s not that the median area circle was unsightly (though with a collection of overgrown grass, weeds and dead trees one could certainly make that argument), but rather it was just not noticeable or memorable as one traveled through Livingston.

Anyone who has driven around the circle in the past week knows that it is undergoing significant change, as New Jersey Department of Transportation crews have been hard at work “beautifying” the area. The circle, which is located on state land, is now part of the DOT’s Good Neighbor program; it is being cleaned and cleared, and will be maintained moving forward. Beautification includes tree pruning, the planting of new bushes, and seeding, all of which make the area a more attractive entrance to the town.



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