Stocking Up for Storms

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Despite a little worry that Livingston would feel some of the effects of Hurricane Dorian, the township, fortunately, did not end up in the path of the storm. Still, we know that many residents were scrambling to grab last-minute supplies, just in case. Since our office is next door to ShopRite, it’s hard to miss the commotion of potential inclimate weather – we can always tell that bad weather is on the way just by watching ShopRite’s parking lot fill up beyond capacity.

We know all too well the nerves that come with an impending major storm. The back-to-back years of Hurricane Irene and superstorm Sandy in 2011 and 2012 still have many fearing that the next weather event will be the worst yet. And it’s fine to feel that way because we all should be as prepared as possible for another “once in a lifetime” storm, since it’s clear that this kind of intense weather has become anything but rare as the climate continues to change.



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