Track Coach Reflects on “Lost Season”

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Editor’s Note: A Livingston High School track coach submitted this reflection on the “lost season” of 2020, and the effect it has on students and coaches alike.

Spring track and field – the exhilaration as you cross the finish line; letting that javelin fly and watching its airborne path; landing in the sand after a nice jump; clearing the bar at your goal height. These things were not to be for the 2020 campaign. So many lost memories: practices, team meetings, competitions, team dinners, personal bests, the camaraderie and more. This has become the reality for athletes. I feel deeply for each and every one of them, from all over the country. It’s a devastating loss.

It has brought to the forefront some life lessons that some athletes may have already learned or heard, but maybe had not really struck home or sunk in. The first one to come to mind is “Never take things for granted.” We never know when something will be the last chance, last time, so seize the opportunity when it presents itself!



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