Livingston Philanthropies Director Urges Residents to Buy or Donate to Help Homeless

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Jeff Friedman, founder and director of Livingston Philanthropies, Inc. (LPI), is urging residents to buy new items or donate funds to LPI to help the homeless. “With winter fast approaching, and the pandemic ramping up again and causing even greater economic adversity, you can make an immediate impact to help the homeless,” he said.
He noted that residents may take advantage of “rampant online sales” and purchase new winter coats and jackets, hats, scarves and gloves for the homeless and profoundly poor. “Although we started out years ago with a coat drive, this season, because of the pandemic, we cannot accept used items, as we did in the past. However, we can accept gently used items that have been professionally cleaned and are still in cleaner bags.”
“Many Livingston neighbors are saving on their cleaning bills while working at home,” Friedman said. “Perhaps send a few coats and jackets to your favorite Livingston cleaners? Support local businesses while helping those living below the poverty line or out on the streets. And along those lines, maybe our Livingston neighbors can contact their local cleaners to inquire about coats and men’s clothing that were never picked up by owners. LPI has done well with this endeavor in the past.”
Friedman also suggested readers network to help the homeless. “Tribune readers may know board members at foundations, corporations and community-based organizations,” he said. “Perhaps an altruistic resident knows someone at a department store chain or a men’s clothing group of stores? I’m thinking that warehouses of unsold or out-of-style coats and jackets exist. I am respectfully requesting this type of referral.”
In giving a “a big shout-out to Livingston’s civic and religious organizations,” Friedman asked members to “Please consider running new coat and winter accessories drives. The cleaners model will work here, too.”
Livingston Philanthropies is also seeking introductions to philanthropic entities, he added. “We are an all-volunteer group with little overhead.” 
Tax-deductible, individual and family contributions may be sent to Livingston Philanthropies at P.O. Box 247, Livingston, NJ 07039 or online at
Because of the pandemic, the Tribune is no longer serving as a drop-off point for LPI, Friedman noted. “New and professionally cleaned clothing and accessory donations may be dropped at my home, or I will arrange convenient private pick-up. I can be emailed at or called directly at 973-533-9336 to discuss and make arrangements.”
In conclusion, Friedman said, “As the end of the tax year is beckoning, I’m hoping that Livingston residents will consider keeping a portion of their annual giving right here in town to swiftly help those who are simply not in a position to help themselves. Livingston Philanthropies is currently in its tenth season of giving… we are a well-known and proven charity here in town. In closing, I’d like to quote Cold War computer programmer Bill Gaede, who said, ‘Today, the rich are the haves and the poor are the have-nots. Tomorrow, the rich will be the have-food and the poor will be the have-not food.’ Gaede’s ‘tomorrow’ has arrived.”

Photo:     Homelessness in Newark and many other cities is running rampant during the pandemic, said LPI director Jeff Friedman. “Emblematic of thousands in Newark, homeless and disenfranchised Newark citizens are shown here living on a Route 21 bench. Livingston residents can make an immediate difference through partnering with Livingston Philanthropies, Inc. (LPI), a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.”

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