Livingston Participates in Statewide Crackdown on Distracted Driving

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“U Drive. U Text. U Pay:”

A statewide crackdown on distracted driving is being held during the month of April, and Livingston is among the communities whose police officers are participating.

In Livingston, there will be increased patrols in town as part of the crackdown, noted Police Chief Gary Marshuetz. “Distracted driving is very dangerous. We are seeing an increase in motor vehicle collisions, our concern is increasing drastically along with it. We are urging drivers to pay attention while they’re driving and to avoid, at all costs, picking up devices and responding to people while driving. Keep your eyes on the road in front of you. This is not just limited to texting, but anything that takes your eyes off the roadway. If you take your eyes off the road for any reason, you’re decreasing your reaction time. You need to have your eyes on the road to increase your reaction time.”

Chief Marshuetz also advised parents to make sure their children are aware of the campaign. “We encourage parents to have this conversation with young drivers, because we are definitely seeing an uptick with our young, inexperienced drivers,” he said.



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