“Personal Shopping for the Homeless” Initiative Continues Post-Holidays

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Although the holidays are over, Livingston Philanthropies, Inc. (LPI) is continuing to purchase items for the homeless.
“ ‘The Giving Season’ may be over, but the ‘Needing Season’ continues,” said LPI founder and director Jeff Friedman. “Families suffering from lack of financial access to the most basic necessities of life continues to grow each week, as mom and dad lose jobs during this devastating pandemic.”
Friedman reminded Livingston residents that LPI’s successful “Personal Shopping/Shipping to the Homeless” initiative continues into the new year. He is encouraging neighbors “to continue shopping online for the homeless, profoundly poor and disenfranchised, particularly now, while sales are widely available.” 
LPI volunteers, he added, are also shopping and shipping this week, “utilizing monetary donations to do the buying for those who would rather leave the shopping to us.”
Suggested “Personal Shopping” items include diapers in all sizes, baby wipes, baby bottles, men’s warm attire including gloves, shirts, hats and winter coats. Donations may be shipped directly to LPI’s longtime distribution partners in Newark, to LPI World Headquarters (a.k.a. Friedman’s garage) or dropped directly at World Headquarters for immediate distribution to those living below the poverty line or actually out on the freezing streets. For more information or to arrange a drop-off, email Friedman at njhomeless@aol.com or visit the LPI website at njhomeless.org.

Photo: Livingston Philanthropies, Inc. director Jeff Friedman is shown here with a van-load of new “Personal Shopping/Shipping” items for the homeless. For more information, email him at njhomeless@aol.com or visit LPI’s website at njhomeless.org.

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